As Crazy As It Sounds, Eating With Your Fingers Is Healthier!

This certainly sounds strange and rude way of eating and surely many people will find it unattractive. However, this so called “rude” way of eating is much healthier and believe it or not it can protect you from certain health conditions.

Prevention of Diabetes Type 2

People who eat fast are at higher risk of developing diabetes type 2.  Generally, if you use fork and knife you eat much faster than eating with your hands. Therefore, sometimes it is better to eat “rude” whenever you can.

Moreover, you can only have a piece of chips when you eat with your hands, while with your fork you can pick up 5-6. Also, you will eat much slower with your hands than with a fork.

Digestion ImprovementIMG_1335

It may sound strange, but eating with your fingers can improve digestion as well because when you wash your hands with soap, all the bad bacteria are removed while the good bacteria remain on your hands which can be very healthy for your gut.

Also, eating with your fingers sends signal to the brain about the food whether it is solid or soft, hot or cold, and it prepares the digestive system for digesting food.

Prevents Overeating

People who eat with hands have healthier body weight because they do not eat too much. This can be especially good for children, if their parents allow them to eat with hands of course. This is the considered as the safest way to maintain normal weight.

Moreover, people who while eating are doing something else as well, such as watching TV, eat more food than those who sit normally on table and eat.

When you eat with both hands, you are not able to do anything else meanwhile because your hands are not clean or busy. Therefore, you are focused only on the process of eating and you will know how much food you have eaten and when it is time to stop.


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