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Hash Hard Candy

Ok so here's the thing with making hard candies, you have have have to be patient. This process takes a long time and if you try to speed it up you will run the very real risk of scalding your sugar and ruining the whole batch, so please be sure you have the time before beginning this process.

By admin

Dank Doggie Biscuits

I use these biscuits for pain relief, to relieve canine anxiety and to calm my dogs during the 4th of July celebrations, thunderstorms and when going to the groomer or long rides.

By THChristi


Yummmmm! Medicated BBQ Sauce! Why didn't I do this sooner? With the heat of summer cooking in the kitchen can be uncomfortable to say the least. If you're like me you spend a good part of the hot days cooking on the grill. I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my barbeque recipes and this is a double whammy. Homemade BBQ sauce and medicated to boot!

By THChristi

Cup o’ Cannabis Instant Oats

Medical marijuana for breakfast? Well yes! Pain doesn't care what time it comes calling.

By THChristi

Cannabalm with Emu Oil

You are going to be shocked at how easy this balm is to make!

By THChristi

99% Organic Coconut Oatmeal Cookies

This recipe will make approximately 48 @ 2" medicated cookies.

By THChristi

Cannabis Salted Caramel Sauce

Here's another recipe that I've come up with and I'm all about sharing the love! This one's also quite easy, has a limited amount of ingredients and only takes about 5 minutes to whip up.

By THChristi

Cheesey Cannabis Crackers

I don't know about you, but I do get tired of all my medicine choices being sweets. I mean I like a good brownie or candy as much as the next patient, but I've been wanting something a little more on the savory side. Here's what made today.....

By THChristi