Cannabis Book Club Drink Recipe: “Cannabis Is Medicine” Matcha

I’ll admit it. There are just two days until our first book club, and I still have quite a bit of reading to do to finish Cannabis is Medicine.

As women, when we set out to learn more or do something just for ourselves, there are so many things that can pull on our attention.

Even with the best of intentions, so many things can distract us from our reading and personal development goals. Life happens, and things like children, work, family, two baby bears breaking into your car, that car’s engine exploding the next week, moving into a new house, and then getting a puppy can make it hard to get your pages in.

It happens ?‍♀️

That’s why I’m sharing this recipe as our very first book club drink.

The intention was to have something we could all sip on during the book club tomorrow night. But instead, I wanted to send you this just in case you needed a little boost so you can get energized and finish the book. 

In true English major fashion, I’ll be drinking matcha and reading CIM for the next two days solid.

If you haven’t finished it, don’t have the time to cram it in, and you still want to join us, do it! It was a dense first read, and even if you haven’t finished it, it’ll be fun to get together as a community and share what we learned and see what questions come up.

[If you haven’t signed up for the winter cannabis book club, you can join us here and catch next month’s book. When you sign up, you’ll get the book list and a link to our monthly meeting]

I modified this matcha recipe from Dazed + Infused to incorporate a 1:1 ratio oil (or whatever ratio works for you). This change is inspired by Dr. Goldstien’s commentary that most people who use cannabis as medicine benefit from using a diversity of cannabinoids, and not just THC.

cannabis tea recipe - matcha

One of the things that I love so far in this book is how Dr. Goldstien highlights how lifestyle changes can improve the health of the endocannabinoid system and are complimentary to using cannabis as medicine.

I’ve found this to be true in my journey with cannabis and healing. It’s what I’ve guided people around for years as a cannabis educator and health coach.

It’s just so powerful to see one of your cannabis heroes write about the connection between healthy lifestyle changes and bringing balance back to this vital system in the human body.

That’s why December’s recipe combines one of my favorite health-boosting tea and whatever ratio oil or tincture you’ve found works best for you.

“Cannabis is Medicine” Matcha Recipe 

Matcha is a high antioxidant, chlorophyll-packed, powdered green tea that can help improve weight loss, lower cholesterol, and potentially prevent cancer and promote heart health.

But the reason it’s in our drink recipe for this month is because of what it can do for our brains. 

In one small study, researchers compared test subjects who took 4 grams of matcha against a placebo control group.

The researchers found that the matcha group saw improvements in attention, reaction time,…

This is just a teaser.. Check out the full article here!

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