Edibles recipes: Cannabis Firecrackers

After many long years of being off Wake + Bake full time, I wanted to come back to this community with a bang (I hope you didn’t forget that puns are part of the deal here 🎇).

At our comeback meeting last week, we tossed around a couple of ideas, and when I said the word “Firecrackers”, it was almost as if all of the air had been sucked out of the room and had been replaced with pure joy. 

Then the stories started coming out about this edible. They ranged from hilarious (“I ate a firecracker and got on an airplane…”) and harrowing (“Then my husband ate a firecracker and got on the same airplane…”). 

It was clear that this must be the first edibles recipe that we shared with all of you. 

But don’t be fooled. These aren’t your mama’s firecrackers. 

They’re not the shwag-infused firecrackers that you hastily made in your first apartment. They’re not the undosable firecrackers that you made because you had some ABV laying around and the internet told you to.

cannabis firecrackers

This Firecrackers recipe is an upleveled, easy-to-dose, healthier version of the classic edible that may take the cake as your favorite edibles recipe of all time.

They’re so simple to make and include things that are probably already in your kitchen, especially if you’ve got leftovers from this summer’s smores.

Even though they’re simple and fast, they’re the recipe that I’ll be bringing to my next potluck (move over cannabis-infused marshmallows) because they’re so. damn. delicious.

I won’t lie. After developing this recipe, I laughed too hard at 30 Rock reruns, had an ultra-productive solo dance party, and did yoga with the dog. I was reminded of the beauty of experimenting with new edibles and how they can feed your soul as well as your body.

Welcome back, Wake + Bakers… welcome back. 

Edibles Recipes: What are Weed Firecrackers?

marijuana firecrackers

Firecrackers have a long history in the world of edibles, and – aside from weed brownies- are the thing we hear most often when people talk about their first cooking with cannabis experience. 

There are many variations of Firecracker recipes. Some are savory. Some are sweet.

But most of them involve using raw cannabis plant material, mixed with peanut butter, and spread on some kind of cracker.

Before we knew much about decarboxylation, the cracker/nut butter combo was wrapped in tinfoil and baked in the oven.

This left firecrackers an un-dosable mess.

You could be consuming any amount of activated cannabinoids which led to both the hilarious and harrowing stories mentioned above.

So many people report that their experience with this edible recipe is less than ideal because it often led to an uncomfortable dose of activated THC.

That’s why we decided to bring the firecracker into the modern world and incorporate everything we know about making and dosing edibles into this recipe. 

Cannabis Recipe: The New and Improved Firecracker Edibles Recipe

weed edibles recipes here!

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