How to Make a THC Tincture | A Cannabis Tincture Recipe

When someone first gave me a THC tincture to try, I was at the first legal High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver in 2013. I had just finished making my first cookbook and didn’t know how to make a THC tincture, but after I felt the effects, I knew I had to come up with a cannabis tincture recipe as soon as I got home.

This was back in the day – when the internet was low on cannabis recipes you could trust – so I experimented for years to make the best THC tincture recipe I possibly could.

It took me longer than that to learn how to use a THC tincture effectively for my chronic pain without my anxiety flaring up, or getting a bad case of the munchies.

So today, not only are we going to cover how to make a THC tincture, but we’re also going to talk about how to use a THC tincture to get all of the benefits this cannabis recipe has to offer.

What is a THC Tincture?

A THC tincture is a cannabis-infused alcohol* that’s dominant in THC.

Cannabis resin loves alcohol (and fat), so infusing alcohol with high THC cannabis is an efficient way to get the most out of your medicine.

*When you buy a tincture in a dispensary, it may not be alcohol-based. Many companies are selling MCT oil cannabis tinctures, that are packaged and used the same way as traditional tinctures, without the alcohol (see below for a non-alcoholic MCT tincture recipe).

THC tincture benefits

thc tincture recipe

Cannabis tinctures are gaining in popularity for many reasons: they’re discreet, don’t smell, and are very portable. Here’s a list of cannabis tincture benefits:

1. Cannabis Tinctures are Easy to Dose

The effects don’t last as long as edibles but last longer than smoking, so it’s easy to find a dose that works for you. Great for beginners or for anyone wanting to explore more controlled dosing.

2. THC Tinctures are Fast-Acting

When used sublingually (held under the tongue), tinctures can come into full effect in 15-30 minutes. 

3. Cannabis Tincture Recipes are Easy to Make

You don’t need to be a chemistry major to make homemade tinctures. It’s a simple 3 step process that takes less than a couple of hours. All you need is a mason jar, alcohol, or MCT Oil and plant material.

4. Cannabis Tinctures are Endlessly Customizable

Nonalcoholic? Sure.

Want to make a CBD THC tincture? Go for it.

What if you want to add other herbs to complement “the herb”?

Do it! Once you know the basics, you can use the ingredients and cannabinoids that work best for you.

5. Cannabis tinctures can save you money

Like all things on this blog, my goal is always to help folks save money and get healthier by using methods that work. My hope is that you’ll be using those savings to invest in higher quality, organic, and local ingredients (when possible), or to nab cool tools that make your journey with cannabis easier and more fun.

Because you’re not lighting your plant material on fire, lower doses go further. And because cannabis tinctures are so easy to make, you can save a lot compared to the cost of THC tinctures at…

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