Paleo Edibles: Easy & Healthy Cannabis Gummy Bear Recipe

For the past few weeks, when I’m not changing diapers or pretending I remember the last time I took a shower, I’ve been exclusively focused on cannabis gummy recipe development (because life is still pre-tty awesome as a stay at home mom who writes about edibles). I’ve made vegan gummies, anti-anxiety-anti-inflammatory-gut-health gummies, and these amazing paleo gummies. The verdict is in… gummies are the BEST. edible. EVER. I’ll be making hard candy and lollipops next week and my verdict has been known to change, but I can’t imagine a homemade edible that is this cute, simple and good for you. I just. can’t. even. I mean, look at these…


Arggh.. Don’t you just want to eat them?

And yeah… I did put them in a little pot gummy bear smoke sesh, because I’m an adult.

Even though all of the cannabis gummies I made turned out, I wanted to start by posting this paleo cannabis gummy because they’re so simple, tasty and (dare I say it?) good for you. I don’t eat a strict paleo diet, but I love these because they’re a whole food and I can’t imagine a better way to consume cannabis. I used a berry puree for my base and a little honey for sweetener, but you could definitely use stevia or monk fruit sweetener to cut the sugar down or to make these ketogenic. You can also substitute the puree and water combo for juice if you want to get your sugar high on… but we’ll get to all of that in a minute.

cannabis gummies

I was barely able to take photos of a few of these before they disappeared. I think one of the reasons these vanished so quickly is that I made them with a very low dose of cannabis tincture. They tasted fantastic and no one was afraid they would get too high, so testers and family members gravitated back towards the fridge for another gummy every couple of hours or so. I’ve been micro-dosing almost exclusively for over a year and I think this is a great opportunity to share some more information about it so you can decide if it’s worth a try. If you just want the recipe… scroll on down!


Micro-dosing + Edibles

I was inspired to micro-dose these cannabis gummy bears because of this really good point made by Joe Rogan:

“How much should I eat?


While it’s funny, Mr. Rogan’s commentary rings so true. As an edibles writer, I hear so many stories about people getting feel-like-I’m-gonna-die high from one pot brownie. I also hear from people who avoid edibles entirely because they never know what the effects will be and hate the feeling of couch lock, paranoia, and/or brain fog. While a solid dose of cannabinoids is what some people need in order to alleviate their symptoms enough to feel good, many people might have better results using cannabis if they use much less than they think they need to.

cannabis gummies

Micro-dosing is both an art and an unstudied science. Its the best way I’ve found to manage pain in the long term and stay clearheaded, but figuring out your perfect micro-dose takes patience and…

This is just a teaser.. Check out the full article here!

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