A’s CannaMilk Recipe

A’s CannaMilk Recipe

By THChristi  

November 11, 2015


1-2 oz salad mix of sugar trim, small bud, broken bud, and older buds

1 quart of whole milk


1preheat the herb to 325 for 10 minutes. The preheating is the key, it is how I define my edible experiences, before I did this, and after.

2cook for 1-2 hours, and try to avoid boiling, simmering is good.

3Strain, cool, freeze.

4Add water back into the herb and reheat, then repeat the straining process.

5Do 3-4 pressings, and mark the bags a,b,c, so I know the strength in that cup. I get 10 full strength hits and about 10 at the lesser concentrations, a one month supply m/l.

Always eat a small snack 15-20 minutes before taking edibles, this engages the liver so it does not reduce the THC digested. The milk works great because it is easy to digest.
I pour the Cannamilk into 3 oz plastic cups, freeze them then bag them the next day, thaw as needed.


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