Tincture Teddies

Tincture Teddies

By THChristi

November 10, 2015


1 package gummy bears

A good amount of Cannabis Tincture (enough to cover the bears)

Mason jar and lid or other glass container with a lid

Time and patience


1Place your gummy bears in mason jar. Cover bears with Cannabis tincture Place jar in fridge. Shake jar daily. When your gummy bears have doubled in size they are ready. Store in sealed jar in the fridge and eat 1-4 bears as a medicated dose depending on your tolerance.

2Any tincture that didn't absorb into the gummy bears is now flavored like the gummies and can be taken by dropper full under tongue for a sweetened sub-lingual medicine.

3These little Tincture Teddies help the medicine go down. The sweet chewy little bears soak up the marijuana tincture and lend their fruity sweetness to what can be a very medicinal tasting plain tincture of cannabis.


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