Photo credit: Farmer Tom Organics

Medical marijuana farmer Tom Lauerman has dedicated his life to normalizing cannabis in the U.S. His story is an example of the day in the life of an organic cannabis farmer.

It all started with medical marijuana

Tom’s interest in alternative medication began when he was young. Growing upwith a mother who was a doctor and surgeon, he had many medical reference books to read and learn from. He was shocked to find that they don’t know how or why 90% of prescription drugs work – this fact scared him so instead, he chose marijuana to medicate himself.

A difficult journey

Tom dove in head first to live the life of a cannabis farmer. He risked his whole life and spent every penny. In 1999, he was arrested, but he ventured on and today Tom is helping write the first everCannabis Industry Workplace Health and Safety Manual for Washington.

The life of a cannabis farmer really is a tough life. His farm is currently in foreclosure right now, but he continues with advocating the legalization of marijuana despite trying to compete with the “bigger guys” in the business. Tom mentions how it is hard to stay afloat.

A day in the life

This video shows the time and effort that goes into being a cannabis farmer. From sun up to sun down, Tom is working; from watering the plants, to pruning, to planting, no day is an easy one.

Although it is a tough life, Tome says he wouldn’t trade it for anything. He is positive about the future of cannabis on a national level. He knows if he shows up, and does the work good things are going to happen. We agree.

Keep calm and farm on, Tom. #TodayWeFarm