The ONLY thing I’m buying on Black Friday 

With all of the uncertainty looming over us today, it would feel weird to write a post about “amazing deals” or “sales you can’t miss” this weekend.

 Hell, it always felt weird. 

Thinking about the kickoff to the holiday retail season used to fill me with dread.

I would focus on all of the pressure on us to spend beyond our means and create almost instantaneous landfill waste to show people we care about them.

I’ve never been a massive fan of the Friday after Thanksgiving, but this year, it feels like an even more bizarre celebration.

With so many people struggling and suffering, and at a time when we should all just #staythefuckhome more often, the thought of crowded Target parking lots adds an element to the whole affair that I can’t get behind.

TL;DR I’m a colossal grinch about Black Friday.

But this year, there’s one thing I did order.

It’s the ONLY thing I’m buying as part of a Black Friday sale this year, and I’m telling you about it because it’s a solid deal on something that has become invaluable in my cannabis kitchen. 

It’s something that might even make you and/or the people you care about feel better, not just for a moment, but all year long. It’s something that could save you money this year instead of ending up in the trash or being re-gifted. 

Last weekend – no exaggeration – I saved $207 compared to dispensary pricing on just ONE recipe using this device (these cannabis suppositories?) .

ardent fx recipe cannabis suppositories

The next day, I made a 1:1 CBG and THC oil that I couldn’t have even found in stores. One family member finds this combination very helpful for her fibromyalgia, but can’t find it anywhere. 

Creating custom blends has been so crucial for my healing journey (and for many of the people I’ve helped over the years), and this device makes it much easier to make them.

making oil in the ardent fx


If you haven’t guessed already, I’m talking about the Ardent FX all-in-one cannabis kitchen.

Even though I already have the gadget, I’m taking advantage of the sale to buy an accessory for it that you’d automatically get as part of their Black Friday bundle.

I’ve been using mine since it came out in May, and it has genuinely made life so much easier. Beyond saving money, the FX has made it possible for me to make lots more medicine at one time with much more consistency. It’s convenient and so simple.

After years of testing different gadgets, I can confidently say it’s the best device on the market.

Check out all of the things it does:

  • Effectively decarboxylates CBD, CBG, and THC plant material
  • Decarboxylates concentrates (many concentrates are not decarboxylated when you buy them in dispensaries, even if the budtender tells you they are ?)
  • Infuses large batches of up to 3.5 cups of oil and can decarb up to 4oz of plant material
  • Makes small batches with as little as a gram of plant material
  • Bakes individual serving baked goods (still haven’t played with this function, but love that it’s possible)
  • Goes in the dishwasher for an easy cleanup
  • Saves you so much money over…

This is just a teaser.. Check out the full article here!

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